Volunteer-made resources

We’ve compiled a catalog of volunteer-made resources that you can use as additional materials to accompany our CLA and CPA courses. We believe they will help you better understand the concepts brought up in our C and C++ courseware.

All the quizzes available here have been prepared by volunteers who certify that this is their own work. If you think any quiz item showed here can be considered plagiarism, please contact us so that we can take action to remove it from our website.

Quiz authors take full responsibility for the content of their quizzes. If you believe you have found an error, please feel free to contact us or the author.

We hope to gradually extend the catalog of resources so that there will be more and more material in the future, all available here for free. If you would like to become a volunteer and help us prepare additional quizzes or programming tasks, you’re more than welcome to drop us a line.


CLA (C Programming Language Certified Associate) – pdf files

CLA – chapter 1 resources

CLA – chapter 2 resources

CLA – chapter 3 resources

CLA – chapter 4 resources

CLA – chapter 5 resources

CLA – chapter 6 resources

CLA – chapter 7 resources

CLA – chapter 8 resources

CLA – final test resources


CPA (C++ Certified Associate Programmer) – pdf files

CPA – chapter 1 resources

CPA – chapter 2 resources

CPA – chapter 3 resources

CPA – chapter 4 resources

CPA – chapter 5 resources

CPA – chapter 6 resources

CPA – chapter 7 resources

CPA – chapter 8 resources

CPA – final test resources